1.  Booking fee is non-refundable as this is covering preparation costs and its a payment for reservation

  2. Respect time of appointment.   

  3. Clean clothes and skin. 

  4. Family members or friends, stays at home.

  5. To sacure appointment it is necessary to pay booking fee (£40 or £80 or 160£ (for all day session ))

  6. Cash only

  7. Cancellations must be known 48 hours from time of appointment. After that no explanation will be enough.

  8. Cancellation or rebooking available 3 times. 4th change comes with losing and need to pay new deposit.

  9. Due to COVID-19 we accept cancellation if symptoms are present. Just provide with info from GP within 7 days.

  10. After loosing deposit just pay new one and we will finish tattoo. 

  11. After cancelation you have 7 days to contact Your artist and rebook. If not you will loose your deposit.

  12. No face tattoos or face pierciengs

  13. PPE for tattoo artists and customers

  14. No walk-ins, appointment only

  15. Consulations via social media Facebook/Hyperdarkink ( No IG or Emails etc )

  16. We keep clients details for 21 days ( Track & Trace )

  17. No waiting magazines in reception area

  18. Hand washing and sanitisers in every room

  19. No symptoms 14 days prior to appointment

  20. Increased hand washing and cleaning of work surfaces

  21. Comply with social distancing measures where possible 

And many more. 

We follow official goverment as well as "Tattoo and Piercing Industry guidance to ensure maximum safty of our artists and clients.

Link to rules we follow:


To maintain focus Your artist need short break, hydrate. We work better that way.


At the last session we will take few moments to take a photo for portfolio.



We have small section of snacks and drinks. 


Yup we have parking next to a studio. You can lock Your bike too.

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