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  • You must be 18+ to get a tattoo, please don't ask for booking a service if You are under 18 years old. We may ask You on the day of Your tattoo. Not showing ID will unfortunately mean that we cannot perform service and You will loose Your booking fee.

  • Booking fees are non-refundable as they cover preparation costs such as hygiene prep, materials and designs etc.

  • Please respect the time of your appointment appointment, if you are unable to attend, please contact your artist asap.  

  • Clean clothes and skin are a must, hygiene is a top priority.

  • Family members or friends are advised not to join as we are a busy studio currently complying with covid procedures.

  • To secure an appointment date, it is necessary to pay booking fee - £30 to £80 depending on session length.

  • Booking fees are cash only. please check with your artist if they prefer cash or bank transfer.

  • Cancellations must be known 48 hours from time of appointment, after that unfortunately You will loose booking fee. Call for more info. 

  • Cancellation or rebooking available 3 times. 3rd change comes with losing booking fee and a new booking fee will occur.

  • Due to COVID-19 we accept cancellation if symptoms are present. Just provide with info from GP within 7 days.

  • After cancelation you have 7 days to contact Your artist and rebook. If not you will loose your booking fee and will need to pay new one.

  • In a case of cancellation on the day or no-show booking fee increase.

  • We may ask You to show Your ID, Passport, Birth Certificate or British Driving licence, so please have it with You on the day of your appointment . Remember by not showing Your ID we may not provide You a service and treat this as no show, So please have it with You just in case :) 

  • Typically we offer one single free touch up depending on the design and location. your artist will discuss this with you if its a particularly difficult area to tattoo. due to the nature of hand and finger tattoos, they are exempt from this rule and touch ups for hands and fingers will be treated as a separate appointment. 



For the best experience during your session you can do couple of things:

  1. Have a good sleep, eat a solid breakfast, stay hydrated. Sweets will give You boost of energy but there will be sugar crash. 

  2. Get Yourself headphones to zone in :) But feel fee to chat with us, we are very friendly :D

  3. Mindset is the most important element of dealing with pain. Remember - if You are still - Your artist can focus :)

  4. The speed of tattooing depends on multiple factors, one of the most important, is Your type of skin. You may use tattoo cream to prepare Your skin before a session, artists will be happy to advise. :D

We follow official government guidelines as well as 'Tattoo and Piercing Industry guidance' to ensure maximum safety of our artists and clients.


To maintain focus Your artist may need a short break to hydrate and let you stretch. We work better that way!


At the last session we will take a moment to take a photo for our portfolio.

This is our proudest moment!


We have small selection of snacks and drinks.

Feel free to bring your own too!


Yup! we have parking next to the studio. You can lock Your bike up too.

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